Saturday, 31 March 2012

Scavenger Hunt March 2012

I liked the list this month although I did find myself completely distracted by just one of the images: half a face. I have been looking for them everywhere and completely failing to find one. In the past week I suddenly realised I had lots more to find and had to whirlwind through the lot!

Here we go...

Theatre - what's on at the Playhouse in Norwich.
I've been three times this month so quite apt.
City - in particular the little black bin on the left, for food waste.
We live just 100 yards over the city/county boundary so we don't have one of these. Grrrr.
Kitchen - the cafe on Unthank Road in Norwich.
Famous for HUGE breakfasts.
Half a face - here is the troublemaker!
A logo for a BBC history project with offices in the Forum.
Morning - playing with our macro settings on the camera.
It wasn't quite frosty, but not far off. I was looking for cobwebs!
Square - round pebbles in a squarey shape with a handprint
because I can't leave well alone!
Words - what's hazardous? WHAT?
Landmark - Adnams beer in Suffolk.
It's how you know where you are.
Street name - Rattla Corner.
Definitely a corner, but what's a Rattla?
Fashion - for model boat sailors on Whitlingham Broad.
Wellies and warm hats!
Fancy - Tim's currant bun birthday cake.
From not fancy to FANCY! That took hours that did.
Buttons - four Jensons.
What's not to like?!
I have also just learned how to use the collage setting in Picassa.
Could you tell? I think this might be a new toy.

Hope you are all well - I'll be popping by to check out all the other hunts soon!
Click here to find out more and see for yourself.

Thursday, 29 March 2012


I noticed this story a while ago and have been giving quiet whoops of
congratulations ever since:
Victoria Coren and David Mitchell are engaged
Obviously it's great news for them, but I particularly love it that not only did they announce it in the traditional way through the newspaper 'Engagements' column, but also, no-one but no-one seems to have a photo of them together.

I've seen David Mitchell on loads of stuff and have read a fair few Victoria Coren columns so I know they choose to be in the public eye to an extent. Yet they have still kept their relationship in perspective and out of the press.

They have probably worked very hard to achieve this and all credit to them.
Congratulations David and Victoria.

ps - I've only just noticed that they are Victoria and David. The irony of the diametrically opposed approach to constructed media engagement is even more brilliant.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fatties anonymous

Not the kind of stick person I'm aiming to be!
This is one of those blog posts I'm not sure I should do because I hate the idea that people will read it and think I'm talking about them. I wouldn't be critical to their faces and in thousands of ways a public blog is worse, but from my point of view also better if you consider this a shared diary. If I didn't make note of this, all I would have to tell you about is a trip to Sainsburys and hanging lots of curtains. 

Last night I went to my first ever 'fat club' meeting. I won't name the organisation so hopefully no-one will sue me, but I think we can safely say that not everything they do will really work for me.

I know I need to eat appropriate portions, less cake and to build a wall between myself and Kettle chips, but I'm not sure I was expecting to hear that exercise was too complicated to get my head around at the beginning and to try to master food planning first.

Or for there to be a terrifying lady packing up all of the chairs around me while I sat through my 'introductory briefing'. Or to be told that avocado was on the bad list - SIX avocados maybe, but a bit in a salad when (as a veggie) I get very few omega oils any other way? Hmmm...

On the flip side, and very luckily, I am chucking myself in at the deep end with logging every single thing I eat on the online system and am motivated to get back into the Parkrun routine, keeping my fingers crossed that my brain can take the strain. After our rubbish few weeks, I'm determined to get a bit more aerodynamic and blow away some cobwebs.

I'll do a wobble report after a while, if you're lucky!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Clapping hands and shuffling feet

Last night I went to see these guys:

They weren't wearing white suits and there were more of them, but I couldn't find any creative commons pictures and I failed to take any while I was there. Ooooops.

The trip was arranged through a lovely lady at the choir that I sing in every week and I confess I was a tiny bit worried that having no real faith to speak of might be a tiny bit of a problem... We do sing lots of spiritual type songs at the choir, but we also sing Simon and Garfunkel, Lloyd Webber, silly rhymes and cheesy pop so it has never really been a problem for the singing that I actually join in with.

These guys, however, are a full worshiping choir. I was slightly worried that my lost soul might start flashing warning beacons as I took my seat.

Thankfully not so. I can confirm that, whether you believe in what the songs are about or not, these guys can SING. Loudly and quietly and in tune and powerfully and with feeling. And crikey can they fill a space with sound. They all seem to be able to carry a solo as well as harmonise wonderfully so there is real variety in the kinds of songs they pull off as a group.

The only problem is the same thing I find with all theatre concerts - it is slightly bizarre to be chair dancing to really infectious music. These guys did get us up on our feet but there is only so much you can do while lined up neatly and with 6 inches square to shuffle about in. There was a bit of atmospheric whooping though, which made up for it.

It only really occurred to me as I left that this was a reduced group and the whole thing must be a remarkable experience indeed. I feel the need to practice my diction more!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Well hello Princess Armbands

I have just realised that the Olympics might be about to take over the entire summer, so I thought I ought to give in, immerse myself and make my own Wenlock.

Here she is - Princess Armbands!

Bring on the Olympics Prepares athletics, the hand ball (?), beach volleyball (hooray!) and the paralympics (if I'm lucky). And the scrum for train tickets.

You can make your own little mascot here: