Monday, 28 May 2012

Scavenger hunt - May

This month I am EARLY!

I put this down to the bizarre effects of jetlag and an over excitement to look at my own photos of an amazing month. I think I got something for everything and in some cases more than one, but we'll see how we get on...

Good things - the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz.
This film always reminds me of Christmas and eating a buffet (always with mushroom vol-au-vents)
 on boxing day at my Aunty Mary's. All good things indeed.
Small packages - the hugeness that is New York, all looking tiny in the distance.
The tall buildings are the financial district, including Wall Street, and just behind that is the Statue of Liberty, teeny tiny in the distance. 
Fragrance - the smell of success!
This is the new Olympic stadium, from some fantastic seats on the VERY FRONT ROW!
They were from a lottery so none of us knew they were quite this good, and we loved seeing the celebrations for the opening of the stadium. What a summer we have to look forward to.
Yellow 1 - ribbons ties to a church railings.
The USA pays particularly good tribute to their armed services.
Yellow 2 - an NYC yellow cab of course!
Nose - this is never going to work, surely.
The poor chap has a WINGNUT for a nose and no eyes!
Bet he was never picked for the jousting team at school.
Nine - a bus stop on 9th street in Philadelphia.
Front page - text from Abraham Lincoln's first address as president.
He probably ought to have used paper, but this one has lasted really well.
Station - Grand Central of course!
We tried to take some photos of the US Marines off to the left, but they got a bit cross.
Beverage - I love this one.
My breakfast tea matching my view perfectly. It was a fantastic day.
Historic - this is a tree that survived 911.
It was found decimated to a stump as the buildings were searched but has regrown,
and is now part of the memorial. We weren't sure whether we would go to the site but are very pleased that we did. It is FULL of tourists but has been very well done.
Currency - I struggled with this one.
This is on the front of the Rockerfeller Centre, a huge complex in New York built with the riches of the Rockerfeller family. Just goes to show that they didn't think money was everything.
Do you see what I see 1 - this Mini is defying gravity!
Slightly strange standing underneath it to
take a photo, but as a big Mini fan, it had to be done.
Do you see what I see 2 - art.
This is dribbly, splodgy and uninspired. Or is it groundbreaking, original and astounding?
Which would you vote?
I'm going to get in trouble for laughing my way round art galleries one day!

Don't worry, more adventures from the USA will feature in future posts.
It was a truly amazing holiday and we loved it.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to!

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Thursday, 10 May 2012


Last Saturday I won the lucky sod gold medal, by a country mile.

By the power of a very lovely brother-in-law, we got tickets to one of the warm up events in the new Olympic stadium. It was University athletics, to be followed by 'celebrity antics'. When the tickets arrived, they didn't come with a plan of the stadium, so we didn't know where we would be.

We wandered in, found the right section, came down the steps and sat down to this view:

We were on the Very Front Row.
If the long jump ladies had done particularly well they would have landed in our laps.

Lucky gold medal? I graciously accept!