about me

This is me, slightly dishevelled but very happy after seeing dolphins swimming off the beautiful Welsh coast.

This blog began as a diary of my efforts to do 52 new things in 2011, which gave me the title of 'ellens52'. The challenges took me from my kitchen to a rainforest, via a wedding and several bird reserves. I really enjoyed the year and (most of!) the new things I tried doing, and of course the greatest value was in the challenge itself as it often took me completely out of my comfort zone.

You can see the full list of challenges and links to their posts under the '52 challenge' tab above.

Along the way, I also became rather fond of blogging and the people I met out in the bloggersphere. So, at the end of 2011, what next? 

I'm going to try to maintain a theme of new things, but with the title of B52s (bonus 52s - can you see what I did there?!). I'm not having a target, but I will keep my eye out for opportunities and report back.

I'm also going to start blogging more about normal life in the ellens52 household. I have noticed that blogs, and comments, become almost a virtual conversation between bloggers and followers. I feel quite one-sided at the moment, in that I snoop about reading about other people's lives while giving a very restricted view of mine.

I'm going to try to redress that balance and not worry about being boring. Tell me if I'm missing the mark - no seriously, I love to get your comments.

Finally, I have a feeling I'm going to get through a few new headers. I just can't put one together that I like. 52 new headers maybe?

And who am I? At random I...

... have bits of Yorkshire, Norfolk and entirely random accents
... used to talk too fast for my grandma to keep up (she called me a gatling gun!)
... almost always put on somebody else's shoes to pop up the garden
... keep another (crafty) blog here - www.saysalice.co.uk
... have now had three four different Minis
... think the computer is some kind of time machine. Where does it go?
... read science fiction novels to switch off
... read Hello to remind myself how lucky I am
... use a DSLR but only on the Auto setting
... iron pillowcases but not sheets
... made the gown I wore to my first ball
... dislike celery until it is in soup or covered in peanut butter
... eat FAST
... have only recently learned how to use chopsticks
... have kept all the appointment diaries I have ever had
... almost always use pencil rather than pen (and now have a flash new old fashioned pencil sharpener)
... never clean my car (shameful)
... could eat olives stuffed with feta at every meal
... am a Gemini but have no idea what that means
... am properly terrified of spiders and deep, dark water
... really have no idea what I am doing with make up