the 52 challenge

In 2011 I decided to follow the advice of a friend. Her wise words, given years ago, were:
"Ellen - if the routine isn't working, change the bloody routine."

So this blog was started to track my efforts to do 52 new things in 2011. They didn't have to be big or clever, but they did have to be something I hadn't done / made / cooked / tried / seen / heard before.

I learned a lot on the journey and met a lot of blog-o-friends. Here are my 52s:

Number 1: make fresh pasta
Number 2: freecycling
Number 3: sing in a choir
Number 4: complete a photo scavenger hunt
Number 5: murmurating (or not)
Number 6: setting up an online shop
Number 7: learn to lino print
Number 8: go to a match at NCFC
Number 9: have a first online sale
Number 10: make a battenburg
Number 11: sell something in a shop
Number 12: go canoeing (without crying)
Number 13: make a baked alaska
Number 14: visit a mosque
Number 15: break a world record
Number 16: have a wheat free week
Number 17: cheerleading
Number 18: make a wedding cake
Number 19: spin a roulette wheel
Number 20: listography
Number 21: becoming a Thatter
Number 22: having a stand at a craft fair
Number 23: flash mobbing
Number 24: film club
Number 25: Lowestoft air show
Number 26: emergency services
Number 27: the 100 word challenge
Number 28: make soda bread
Number 29: trip to the 'other' cathedral in Norwich
Number 30: fail a dress code
Number 31: make profiteroles
Number 32: join The Gallery
Number 33: stand above a rainforest
Number 34: Rigby and Peller
Number 35: Parkrun
Number 36: apple identification
Number 37: cinder toffee
Number 38: new book club
Number 39: edit and publish a film
Number 40: design a website
Number 41: Panettone
Number 42: slow cooking
Number 43: be part of art
Number 44: trampolining
Number 45: go to the International Horse Show
Number 46: ride a Boris bike
Number 47: rescue heritage
Number 48: swanning at Welney
Number 49: making stollen and marzipan
Number 50: watch the Empire top 20 films for 2010
Number 51: make a gingerbread house
Number 52: building a champagne tower

And then there were the film reviews....