Friday, 25 November 2011

Number 39: edit and publish a FILM!

Unfortunately, not one I can show you :-(

Someone twittered last week that there is a project called 'Britain in a Day' which is a film being put together by Ridley Scott as part of the cultural olympiad. There is more info about the project here, but it boils down to people like me wandering around and filming their day on 12 November, submitting the footage to them via YouTube, and having a chance at getting some of it into the final movie.

The whole finished product will be made out of the home movies submitted by people, and all of it will be from Saturday 12 November.

I was lucky enough to get a little video camera for my birthday this year. Even better, it's a waterproof one and Saturday is our family swimming day. Magic.

After filming a fair amount on the day, I then had to tackle iVideo, which is about the most off-putting piece of software I have ever seen. Thank crikey I have a husband who hates to be defeated by anything. He had a play with it first and could then give me the idiots guide...

So, with 5 minutes of edited together footage, I uploaded it to youtube and shared it with the Britain in a Day team. I reckon the odds have to be with me on this one - my luck at getting tickets for the olympics themselves has been terrible, so I'm due one going my way :-)

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