Friday, 11 November 2011

Number 38: new book club

One of the challenges I nearly did this year was to read the top 20 books of 2010, much like the film 2010 thing. I decided against it as I was at the beginning of the Forsyte Saga (9 books) and with an already embarrassingly large pile of unread books awaiting my attention.

Plus I used to be in a book club that has morphed into a film club (see number 24). My track record isn't good.

But I have kind of missed the opportunity to read books that you might never choose for yourself so I started looking for another book club to join. With the added limitation that I wanted one during the day rather than the evening. This is a rare creature as it turns out.

After much googling, I found one run by the Norwich Arts Centre, monthly and during the day. All boxes ticked so far. They put the book listing on the website so you can just turn up on the day without booking a place and it did optimistically say new members were welcome.

So along I went on Wednesday to find a really friendly group of ladies (are book clubs always ladies?). They were not at all academic, which I was a bit worried about and didn't laugh when I chipped in with my random thoughts.

I'm really glad I went and think I'll definitely try to get along to it next month. If there is one theme from this 52 challenge thing that is becoming obvious it that I often end up asking myself 'why haven't I done this before'?

PS - the book we read was The Stone Diaries by Carol Chields. A good one, to be recommended.
PPS - I am up to book 8 of the Forsytes and will miss them when I have finished.
PPPS - the book pile is now teeteringly large...

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