Monday, 28 November 2011

Number 40: design a website

The sharp eyed among you will notice that I clearly state in my banner that this blog won't be one of my firsts, even though it was (and is) the first time I have done this.

However, now I am reaching a point of mulling over the year (and still determined to do 52 despite still lagging behind) I have realised that I have achieved quite a lot of virtual firsts, which add up to being a definite achievement in their own right.

As well as this blog, which came first, I have
- designed and stocked an online shop at
- created a second crafty blog at
- created a website for my small copywriting business
- created a website for friend who has a holiday cottage

Which makes five in total, which from a standing start of none in January is pretty good going I think.

There are also a lot of things I now would not be able to do without a virtual existence so I am really pleased I took the plunge and had a go. I blog films, book, scavenger hunts, photos, cookery and a wide variety of other things, some of which have brought some lovely connections to people that I would never have made otherwise.

So, although I wouldn't have put this as an exciting thing to do, it is a significant one, And it takes me into the 40s - wahey!

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