Thursday, 10 November 2011

Number 23 the sequel: flash mobbing

Some of you may remember that I blogged a flash mobbing event back in the summer, which the choir organised for its summer outing to the beach. It was fun, but really quite informal and not something you would sum up as a proper performance.

Which is why the event we have just done for the Forum's 10th birthday merits a mention: it was at the other end of the scale. It was a booked performance, by request of the event management team at the Forum, and they had asked for a proper 'flash mob' style start, with us just milling about like normal library customers.

We had proper songs to rehearse and even had a trial run late one evening in the Forum, to check we all knew what to do. 

The songs we sang were a couple of spirituals plus 'Song for the asking' by Simon and Garfunkel (which I love love love), and 'Don't fence me in'.

It was really amazing to be part of. There was a real buzz about the choir and it came together brilliantly. I think we all wished we had more than 15 minutes to perform, as once we had all gathered together there were so many of us that we could make a lovely sound inside the Forum. Although I have to say that I *really* struggled with our first song. I managed to stand with the tenors and couldn't hold the alto line at all, but that says more about my concentration problems than anything else!

The Norwich Community Choir is an fantastic thing to be part of - now I just have the Christmas carols to learn!

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