Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Number 5 revisited: I saw a murmuration!

I did! I did!
Not these though - my photographic skills, dusk and fog would have been a disastrous combination.
These are from the Minsmere homepage, with thanks.

After my efforts last February at our local RSPB reserve, where the starlings had upped and left the day before, I thought this one was firmly on the fail list.

But yesterday I had a lucky last minute opportunity to catch up with one of my favourite families AND eat chips by the sea AND eat cake AND do the ministry of silly walks with three year olds AND go to Minsmere in the hope of seeing the starlings.

We got there as dusk was already falling, with just enough time to have a quick apple juice and slice of cake before heading out to the nearest hide to see what we could see through the mist. Sure enough, the birds were gathering already and we were lucky enough to see the flocks start to form over the reed beds. It wasn't the hugest display, or the most spectacular, or with a magical sunset background, but it truly was an amazing thing to see. Even though the boys were mostly looking forward to seeing an owl!

The starlings very nearly lost their starring role though, to two amazing roe deer, who stood motionless in the woods as we walked past them. As the light fell they really did look like magical creatures.

What a fantastic day :-)

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