Sunday, 6 November 2011

Number 37: cinder toffee

Or honey comb toffee, or hokey pokey, or that-stuff-in-the-middle-of-crunchie-bars. In all honesty, it was so disastrously unsuccessful that it doesn't really matter!

I decided to have a crack at this for bonfire night, to go with the traditional soup, stodge and parkin that we treat ourselves to for the evening. I've seen it made on TV on many a Bake Off / Masterchef / Saturday Kitchen, so all you have to do it follow the instructions, right?

Probably, yes. But what I did was fall into the trap of finding one well reviewed but complicated recipe and one 'chuck it all together, it'll be fine' recipe and thought I'd combine the best bits of each. This attitude will get you nowhere with cinder toffee.

Detailed recipe is probably perfect and can be found here:

Simple recipe here:

Combine the two (bigger quantities and wanton disregard for a sugar thermometer, which I do have but couldn't be bothered to get out of the drawer) and this is what you get:


I was all pleased with myself when I poured it into the tray, as it bubbled all over the place and looked exactly as it ought to. And three hours later this is what I find. It hasn't even hardened enough to use as toffee. 

Note to self - use recipes with good reviews and don't be so lazy. Also, take more photos while the cooking is in progress as by the end it could all have gone wrong!

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  1. Oh dear - what a shame. I love cinder toffee and crunchies.