Monday, 31 October 2011

Scavenger hunt: the October List

This has been a month with some fails and some excesses and some great opportunities for pics on holidays. I definitely lucked out on a few, overcompensated on others and completely failed on one!

Here we go...

Eerie: this one needs sound really. It's a sculpture at the Eden Project in Cornwall which catches the sound of the wind in 100s of tubes and amplifies it. Very eerie indeed.
Mist: On our way to the English Riviera! Who stole the sunshine?
River: the estuary in Looe (still misty)
Sunset: or rather, just after sunset, again in Looe

Heritage: Scrabble - hasn't changed for years, no matter how frustrating it is!
Golden: a sculpture from the fantastic Barbara Hepworth Museum garden in St Ives. I highly recommend it, even better than the Tate.
Pumpkin: hanging in my nephew's school hallway
Graffiti: quite a stylish one, as graffiti goes! On the door of Cinema City in Norwich.

Witches hat: FAIL
Witches broomsticks: success! Big basket of multicoloured ones at the Eden project shop
Black cat: Jester, our black and white cat hiding his white bits behind a chair (see below for other options!)
Crunchy leaves: on our walk to the paper shop. Can't believe how quickly these have started building up.
Candle lit: for a Sunday roast.

Extra black cat options:

All rejected for various reasons
First was out of focus and made Jester look angry, which he never is
Second is one of my favourite pictures but reeeeealy hard to light
Third was someone else's cat and I just couldn't bring myself to use him and not Jester
Fourth had too much white fluff and I had to crop his ears off

Aren't black cats supposed to be lucky??


  1. I like that last cat pic! Looks like he's smiling! x

  2. Lovely photos! it was great to see your Eden project and Looe photos - we were there in September so they brought back some lovely memories. We also have the Chat Noir poster! Jester is a very attractive cat:)

  3. Great photos, I could just eat that Sunday roast!

  4. Hi Ellen, another great set of photos. I love the crunchy leaves and the sunset one.

  5. Jester looks very comfy in his chair shot

  6. Well done, I liked your photos... it was a tricky list I thought! I found a good sound thing for eerie but I didn't feel the photo worked without the sound! I love your sunset photo.

  7. What a handsome cat! I had to use Frankie, he would not be happy to see another cat in his place! Just wondering, do you live in Cornwall or just visiting? I love the Barbara Hepworth Museum, I studied her back in my art gcse! Thanks for popping over to my blog x

  8. Great photos, I really like the colours on the broomsticks one.

  9. Lovely photos, your cat looks beautiful in that picture.