Monday, 3 October 2011

Scavenger hunt: the September list

I'm typing fast and trying not to look at the date as I know I am late *again*.
I hope the scavengers can forgive me...

We've just got back from a long weekend away which took up the last few days of the month and before I left there were a shamefully large number of shots still to take. I'm very relieved to say - here they are!

Apples: as scrumped from a friend's garden. Soon to be stewed and frozen for winter crumbles.
My workspace: it's been a sewing month rather than a writing month so here is my
(artificially tidy) sewing table
In my bag: a collection of conkers that come out with my keys
Harvest: 1kg of crabapples = 2 jars of jelly. What did I do wrong??

A pile of stuff: debris that we shouldn't have had to move
Relaxation: two Minis, tents, wine and Scrabble. And relax...
Something taller than me: the dreaming spires of Oxford
The football season: or the new FIFA game (terrible phone shot - sorry!)  

Back to school: a wonderfully empty car park at Bicester Village Retail Outlet
Phone box: with too much sun
Road sign: the old one at the end of the road. Anyone for Thetford?
A view from above: from the top of the Cathedral in Norwich


  1. I was almost late with this list, but I just sneaked in in time! I found it quite a challenge and am glad to have a new list to think about now.

    Great photos, I love the camping photo... I wish I could have gone camping this year!

  2. Scrumped! It's years since I heard that word. We used to go scrumping in the orchard across the road when we were children. You've taken some super photos - love the dreaming spires and the mile stone:)

  3. That does look relaxing, and I like your take on back to school.

  4. Love the empty car park ... very clever!!! Being a teacher I never get to see what it's like when we're all in school!

  5. Great photos, I never post mine until the month of the list has gone in any case - need to have every day available to me to finish the list - lol!

    Brilliant idea for back to school.

  6. Hi Ellen, thanks for popping over to my blog. These are a nice set of photos - like your back to school pic, inspired! And I loved seeing my home city from up above (and no I've never been to RC cathedral either!). Had a quick nosy round your blog and you had some things that make me smile, especially on your who & what tab - we have some things in common! Also a Gemini, rubbish with the fancy stuff on the DSLR, iron pillowcases (essential surely!) but never sheets, and clueless with make-up (in spite of my mum's heroic attempts to help me 'make the best of myself'!!). Will be popping back again! Sx