Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Number 32: The Gallery

The Gallery is a weekly photo challenge hosted by the Sticky Fingers blog, which I thought I'd have a go at. It has different theme or subject each week and has what looks like a great community of followers, so I thought I'd join in. I hope they are friendly!

This week's theme is 'home'. Easy one you'd think, but how do you choose one image to sum up your feelings about home? The obvious choice is the cat, as he is the first thing I have to find after any holiday, before unpacking, calling the family or watering the plants.

Then I got to thinking about where home has been before. We used to have a very confusing array of homes: I grew up in Norwich, the family roots are all up near Leeds and then I moved away to uni / various jobs and had a home there too. So going home could mean setting off in any one of a number of different directions.

But, because I am now thinking about it too much, and because I have spent all of this morning working on these darn websites, this is my 'home' for today. They are screen-grabs of the homepages of two of the various websites I have set up for myself.

I am virtually at home all the time!

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