Monday, 26 September 2011

Number 30: failing a dress code

The Pink Flash. As banned by the BRDC.
You'd be right in thinking this one is mainly here because it made me laugh!

I don't really think of myself as a scruff-bag, but I am certainly not the smartest ragamuffin around. I err more towards the comfy-and-luckily-not-clashing rather than the stylishly-put-together-and-effortlessly-classy, if you see what I mean.

But I do usually like to make an effort when an effort is required. But sometimes, there is just no help for me.

Last week, T and I were on holiday, staying in Oxfordshire. While visiting Stowe Gardens (well worth a visit) we heard the sound of screaming cars and realised we were very close to Silverstone. We followed the sound and found ourselves with free access to the ENTIRE Silverstone complex to watch the F3 racing. Apparently this is perfectly normal on non-racing days, but there were qualification races happening and several classic racing car time trials happening, so it was a great place to mooch about. With our smug 'access all areas' faces on.

Until we got to the British Racing Drivers Club.

Should have noticed the security guard. Should have read the big sign that says 'Members Only'. Should not have asked the security guard if we could come in and have a look around. Should not have read sign about dress code at the same time as we asked and then laughed out loud.

Items on the banned list list included:

Flip flops (as sported by T)
Shorts (as sported by T)
Frayed jeans (as sported by me)
Trainers (as sported by me)

The nice security guard pointed us in the direction of the pits as 'an interesting place to look around'. And presumably where to go if you are a bit shabby!

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