Monday, 26 September 2011

Listography: celebrities I'd like to have a beer with

Another challenge from the blog over at Kate Takes 5. I think that this game should have one 'free', like the Bible on Desert Island Discs. Everyone is going to choose Stephen Fry aren't they? So I'll take him as a confirmed companion, and invite the following too: 

1: Ellen Macarthur
Quite an incredible set of achievements and unbelievable self motivation.
Not least because she grew up about as far away from the sea as it is possible to be.

2: Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson
I read an interview with her the other day and thought what an incredible life she has had. 
She has gone from being a world class athlete to sitting on committees in the House of Lords,
via daughter, wife and mother.

3: Lisa Tarbuck
For some reason I have her pegged as a great listener as well as being a funny, funny lady.

4. Chris Packham
My poster boy since The Really Wild Show.
He's done lots since so I'm sure my knowledge from my teenage 'Smash Hits' research has gaps in it!
And he could tell me why some of the blackbirds in our garden have white bits...

5: Hugh Jackman
I reckon he'd be good for buying the next round.
No other reason, honest :-)


  1. Hugh's going to be getting a big head after all this!

  2. yeah right! on the last one
    Really interesting and diverse list