Monday, 17 October 2011

Number 33: stand 100 feet above a rainforest

Anyone who has been will know exactly where I am talking about!

No, I haven't been away to the Amazon for a few days and nor have I been flying low over a drizzly Nottinghamshire. I have been down to Cornwall for a few days and had a great day at the Eden project.

I went once before when it had only been open for a couple of months and it was mainly biomes with baby plants and freshly dug beds. So I didn't really expect to get a 'first' out of it to be honest. However they have added this little gem:

It's a platform suspended by cables from the top of the rainforest biome.

We spotted it as we wandered in and saw a sign saying it was closed due to atmospheric conditions. Slightly worrying, but it turns out that there must be a member of staff up there and if it is too hot it isn't safe for them to be up there any length of time.

It opened later in the afternoon though, and we ventured up. The walkway is scary enough, as it swings about just enough to make you wonder how normal it is. But the platform is downright terrifying. It moves A Lot as it is just suspended by cables from the roof, and with 20 people up there it is constantly in motion.

The views of the forest in the biome are amazing, but to be honest I spent more time looking at my feet...

Yes, there are tiny people on the ground beneath me. 
It was all just a little bit unnerving!

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  1. I remember going! With you in fact! I must do a return trip looks fantastic.