Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Number 34: scaffolding at Rigby and Peller

This might be far too much information for some, but it's on the list because it felt like a 'once in a lifetime' type thing that was also a bit spoily rather than scary, which a lot of once in a lifetime things seem to be.

If you haven't spent as many hours watching Trinny and Susanna as me, Rigby and Peller is the corsetiere to the queen, kind of the undercrackers equivalent of a Saville Row tailor. They sort out all kinds of cleavage problems, so I reckoned they wouldn't mind seeing if I was going hugely wrong with my M&S guess-timated sizings (and hopefully have some hints about how to reverse the effects of gravity).

I was planning a day in London anyway and managed to persuade the lovely ladies to have lunch in Chelsea, making it easily possible to plan an appointment with R&P in their Kings Road store. I tried to avoid eating too much for lunch although why on earth I thought  a bra-fitting lady would care about whether I'd had too much macaroni cheese I have no idea!

The appointment itself took about 45 minutes and I was helped by a really lovely lady who didn't laugh once when advising me I had been wearing bras 3 cup sizes out. I then tried lots on before settling on one to buy. I had hoped to get a couple, but the sudden realisation that ALL of my bras now need replacing meant the budget had to stretch much further than I had thought... Bit like my old bras really.

In all, I think it should be on everyone's to-do list. If you already have the right size, then it is still great to have advice on the styles that work best. 

And if you wondering where we had lunch, we went to Tom's Kitchen, the restaurant run by Tom Aiken, of Saturday Kitchen, other TV fame. Another one to be recommended and 5 minutes walk from R&P :-)


  1. Am sure if I went there the R&P nice lady would raise an eyebrow or too at my off-the-peg scaffolding .... I may need to have several glasses of wine with lunch before I went!

  2. If you can't afford R&P (it's definitely on my list too!) then I can recommend Bravissimo if you might be anywhere near a D cup or above. I thought I wasn't, but at the end of my tether trying to find something (anything!) went in for a fitting, and came out very happy and much better supported!

  3. What did you do with all of your ill fitting bras? I work with a great group of ladies making quilts for those that are less fortunate and we would love to have them!

    Thank you and God Bless,
    Jennifer McConnelly ( Quilts4homeless@yahoo.com)