Monday, 17 January 2011

Number 2: pins and freebies

Why does the phrase 'number 2' always make me chuckle? Should I be reassured or alarmed that the inner child in me clings on to toilet humour?

My firsts this week were really based on luck rather than good planning. The one I originally had planned, when it came down to it, seemed highly inappropriate on the day it was planned. It was one of those days when someone close to you does something so huge, so honourable and dignified, that to trivialise their moment in any way just seemed wrong. The story of that day was not mine to tell, so I was happy to postpone my small achievement.

In its place I rustled up two littlies.

Firstly, I finally managed to actually get something free through Freegle. I have given away copious amounts of things through
our local network, as the fall-out of combining two houses into one worked its way out (six years and counting). But on the few occasions I have seen things I might like, I have been far too late to stand a chance. This week however, I was checking for mail when an offer for a stash of dressmaking patterns popped up. I wasn't first to reply, but I did get the pile of patterns that the first lady decided that she didn't want. Now I just need to find a use for selection of red indian costume patterns. Anyone...?

Secondly, I made us a pinboard. This project is well overdue, but a combination of factors combined to make it possible. A delivery of lovely fabric, the discovery that we have a staple gun and the theft of a picture frame from T who has come to the realisation that I never will allow a Kandinsky print to be hung in a house I live in, no matter how long it sits looking forlorn in the garage. Tra-la! Pin board.

And I am delighted to say that I didn't add a third first and avoided staplegunning the pin board to the dining table.

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