Thursday, 6 January 2011

Number 1: homemade pasta

Jamie Oliver promises this isn't complicated, so I was hoping for a simple start to the 52.

I got a pasta machine two birthdays ago and, bar one attempt that ended in a sticky mess, it has been sitting in the box, in the cupboard, unappreciated.

We rarely eat pasta, which is nothing against Italian food (we eat far more than our fair share of pizza and gnocchi). We just find it too heavy and stodgy, probably because we have used it mainly as a 'quick and easy' tea on the nights we don't have time to eat and enjoy.

So, this is an attempt to see if we can put pasta back on the menu... And here is the result:

Jamie was right!

This is fresh egg pasta rolled to the thinnest setting on the machine, cooked, then mixed with pesto, garlic and peppers, veggie bacon and fresh basil on top. I know, fake bacon doesn't ever sound appealing, even to vegetarians, but sometimes it does the trick.

We both really enjoyed it and even got to the end of the bowl which is unheard of with packet pasta. It's safe to say that the machine will be getting much more use from now on.

And it has been a great way to get started. One down, fifty one to go!

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