Sunday, 23 January 2011

Number 3: sing a song of sixpence

I don't have a picture of this one, which I am a bit sad about as it would have been nice to record the moment. Particularly as it was the hardest yet. Only 3 in, I realise this isn't much of a statement, but still, a picture would have been nice.

This week I went to a lunchtime choir group. I haven't sung with any serious intent since school, more years ago than I care to remember. And as Rock Band has shown, I will never be any kind of vocalist. But I think there is a lot of fun in singing, particularly as part of a group, where you can play a small part in making a big noise.

Knowing I'll be more enthusiastic than skilled, I was not keen on joining a choir with heavy performance or rehearsal schedules. A bit of googling later I found the Norwich Community Choir, which has handy Thursday lunchtime meetings on my side of the city (meaning I can walk rather than drive), focusses on the fun rather than the refinement and seems to have a pretty good following.

So, having found the church hall venue, I crept in, failing the first test by opening the door and letting the choir labradoodle out into the foyer. Having encouraged him back in, I joined the queue, identified myelf as a 'somewhere in the middle' singer and was given a place with the Altos.

Beginning with a few vocal exercises, the group went on the sing a number of rounds and a few songs split into harmonies. The last one was 'Accentuate the Positive' which was also the hardest in some ways, as I know the melody so it was hard to sing a harmony to it. It's all learned by demonstration rather than sheet music and thankfully there seems to be a good mix of people who have been enough times to know how to hold it all together.

It was really good fun and I will definitely be going back next week. There were about 30 people there and I was sitting next to a lady who was only on her third session herself which made me feel a bit more comfortable. She had a dictaphone so she could practice later - I might get one if I really struggle, but I do quite like the idea of it being unpressured enough for practice to be unnecessary.

It seemed a bit rude to wander in as a newcomer and start taking pictures, but I might brave one over the next few weeks if I keep going and edit one into this post.

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