Saturday, 29 January 2011

Number 3.1: onion bhajis

Not on the list, but I made them for the first time today. This can be summarised as easy, cheap, and a great success!

Another Jamie Oliver success too, even though I never even opened a book. I didn't have any gram flour for them, which seemed pretty essential, so I googled until I found this recipe in his forum. It uses plain flour rather than gram, something I am far more likely to have in the cupboard.

It has made everything in the house smells of curried onions though. I almost fed the cat mango chutney for breakfast. And T has just been musing that he is looking forward to bhaji sandwiches. Hmmm!

Number 4, by the way, is done, but needs some finishing touches before it can be blogged. Watch this space.

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