Friday, 23 December 2011

Number 46: Boris biking

While we were up in London last weekend, we had a morning of free time before we needed to catch a train home.

Tim has been dying to get his hands on one of Boris' bikes for ages, as he sees them often on his regular commutes to London. And as we were passing Hyde Park it seemed like a good time to have a go, despite my reservations (I hate cycling and even more so on roads).

There is a bike collection point on the way in to Hyde Park and we set off with lots of protestations from me about how I would probably only get up to the lake and might need to walk a lot... I managed to heave myself up the (slight) hill to the middle of the park and the bikes turned out to be surprisingly light.

I managed to cycle all the way to Buckingham Palace which was even better because it was Sunday and all the roads were closed, plus we saw the Household Cavalry riding up through the park. The Albert Memorial was looking as amazing as ever and there were hardly any people around so I didn't need to worry about my dodgy steering too much.

You can pick the bikes up really easily with just a swipe of your card (no need for the faff of opening an account or anything like that). And we saw far more than if we had just ambled about.

Loved it!

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