Thursday, 1 December 2011

November scavenger hunt

This one seemed to be a game of two halves.
I got loads in a flurry at the beginning of the month then the rest last night!

Here we go...

Something that lights up: the floodlit football pitches as my nephew's football training
A sillhouette: the lady in front at the cinema, who later got booted out for sitting in the expensive seats (we felt guilty as we had paid for ours with tesco vouchers and then eaten almost our entire body weight in nachos to get our no-money's worth!)
A memorial: at our local church in Keswick, which is teeeeeeny and only used very rarely
Poppies: at the church hall where I go for choir practice. 

A stairway: into a beautiful cottage garden down the road from us, on a very misty morning. One day I'll have a garden like this...
Something purple: what else is there? Honestly??
Polka dots: what a lovely pair of legs :-)
Warmth: a scarf I am knitting. There is no skill involved so I can do it while watching TV and it is keeping my knees sooooo warm!

A lucky charm: a silver clover leaf, buried in amongst my keys. I've carried it for years.
Comfort food: porridge and tea. Mmmmmm, Sunday morning :-)
Something I have made: an advent calendar, one of three that I made for my little Says Alice shop and are all hopefully now fully stocked with chocs and treats!

And finally, the dreaded self portrait... Blimey did I struggle with this one. I am the LEAST photogenic person in the world. It's not just me, other people agree too. I had to have some portraits taken for work once, and the professional photographer almost gave up trying to find one that he was happy with, let alone one that I would sign off.

The tempting this to do is to dig out one of the few I have been happy with over the years, but that would be my first cheat and I reeeeeally want to get to the end of the year having taken all of my pics in the right month, if that makes sense. So, after an embarrassingly large number of deleted efforts, this was taken just before daylight faded yesterday, on the basis that it'll have to do...


  1. Great photos! Love your advent calendar and the stairway. Like you I struggled to take a photo of myself. I took loads trying to hold the camera to one side but the lighting wasn't right - I had to stand in the bath to take the one I finally used and like you was tempted to cheat and use my profile photo, but didn't. I wonder what December's list will be like?:)

  2. My self portrait was a last gasp effort too, and the result of many deleted efforts. I still don't like it!
    Love your cosy scarf!

  3. I almost forgot the self portrait (can't think why!), it's funny how we all hate our own photos!

    Great set of photos, well done :)

  4. Great photos, I love the polka dots!

    I used a photo of me as a baby, but I took a photo of it so it wasn't cheating (much)!

  5. Great photos! I love the stairway.

  6. I might compete with you there, on the un-photogenic title ;-) Floodlights - a brilliant idea.

  7. This is a lovely set of photos, Ellen. The polka dot legs are so cute