Friday, 16 December 2011

Number 44: don't ask the kids (AKA trampolining in December)

Sitting down, inelegantly standing up plus a bit of hand!

My sister and I both live in Norwich and because my time is now much more flexible, we have got into a bit of a routine where I collect her children from school once a week. It gives her some time if she needs it, I get to see them all and I get a free meal. A winner all round.

Yesterday I asked them if they would like to choose a 'first' for me that we could all do together. I think next time I might offer some guidance on what kind of things I might like. Here's the list...

Suggestion 1: play Modern Warfare, which I have already done so we couldn't do that

Suggestion 2: beat my nephew at Modern Warfare, which apparently no-one has ever done, but my XBox skills barely stretch to turning the controller on, so that was never going to happen

Suggestion 3: be the first person to pick up my niece's hamster, whose name is Mr Nibbles.

Suggestion 4: be the first person to pick up the rapidly renamed Mr Cutie Pie ("He only made me bleed once...")

Suggestion 5: do a sit down/stand up jump on the trampoline. 

So at 4pm yesterday I was getting soaking wet socks and jeans jumping up and down on the trampoline at dusk, trying to avoid the rivers of water running out of the bolster around the edge. Before hypothermia set in we decided I had made a decent enough job of it and ran inside for a hot Ribena.


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