Friday, 11 March 2011

Number 9: my first online sale!

While I *know* this isn't entirely in my control, I'm going to count it anyway as it is so very exciting - I have sold my first string of bunting to someone I don't know. A proper, sparkly, new customer :-)

There is a bit of background to this, as I first sold some strings of bunting in the run up to Christmas, just sending an email out to friends and family to let them know what I was up to. Then I set myself up with the Folksy shop which is open to anyone and I never really expected it to do anything until I did a bit of marketing for it.

But, someone has found me, liked something and bought it - ta daaaaaaaaaaaaa!
They bought the 'National Anthem' mini bunting, which is what I have pictured here, to mark the occasion.

Thanks Folksy it's Friday :-)

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  1. You may be on to a winner if there are Royal Wedding street parties :)