Sunday, 13 March 2011

Number 10: making a Battenburg

I had never even considered making a Battenburg before today, but once it had occurred to me, not even the expiry date of 2006 on the food colouring in the cupboard and complete lack of suitable cake tins could put me off. Google would provide...

A quick hunt around the BBC recipe sites brought me to this recipe from Simon Rimmer, in which he has the genius idea of adapting a square cake tin by using a barrier of tin foil down the model. Cake tin problem, solved :-)

So, I mixed the lot together, split the mix, coloured half pink (red in truth, but with an expiry date of 2006 I figured it would have faded to a suitable colour), and piled it into my newly adapted cake tin.

Problem 1 - my portion control is outstandingly poor. FAR more pink than white. No going back with that one, so I piled it in anyway

Problem 2 - tin foil can't withstand the greater weight of pink cake...

Problem 3 - cake removal from tin needs a delicate hand. The white survived my efforts, the pink came out in about 15 pieces (note to self - should have adapted my 'first' to a trifle at this stage)

Struggling ladyfully on, the cake cooled while I rolled out the marzipan and melted the jam to stick it all together. Looking at the mess of the pink cake, I did extra jam. At this stage, I almost fooled myself that things might actually get back on track.

The assembly began. I cut the white cake into batons and made an approximate effort at fashioning batons out of the pink one. Then I liberally applied the jam and, with a hand made unsteady by my own (now uncontrollable) giggling, I starting piling the bits together.

By the time I had finished, the pile of unused cake was huge and the Battenburg was almost small enough for Mr Kipling to individually wrap.  If you look closely you can see that I tried to dress it up with a dusting (lumping?) of icing sugar. The main achievement of this was to make myself laugh even more.

And just look at all that mess!

All in all, a very funny way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and against all the odds, it even tastes good :-)

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