Thursday, 11 August 2011

Number 24: film club

This is a trick I learned while diligently studying for my English degree: if the book is long, tedious and hard work - watch the film.

I have been part of a book club for a couple of years and we have all enjoyed having a chin wag every few weeks, but it was becoming clear that having to read a book to do it was becoming a bit of a chore. So we decided to cut out the middle man and have a film club instead. Tonight we met up, had a gossip, then watched Harry Potter.

What's not to like??

Harry was as good as you would expect him to be with a budget the size of Hagrid's coat pockets. It's definitely sad to see him go but I imagine it won't be forever. Hermione remembered to act once or twice and it was nice to Neville get some of the comedy one liners. It was also fun playing spot the spoof moment: we counted a fair few bits from Indiana Jones, a blatant Twilight, several almost direct quotes from Lords of the Rings and even a chunk of The Mummy.

In two months time we'll be going for film club the sequel.

ps - the more observant among you might know that we did a prequel to film club back in June. A few of us met to go and see Pirates of the Carribbean but for several reasons it didn't feel right to put it on the list. We were a much reduced group, it was a but of a trial run and most importantly it was unfeasibly, ridiculously, mind-numbungly, atrociously bad, even with 3D. It would have benefited from 100 minutes being edited out. Johnny Depp's eyeliner couldn't even save it.

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