Friday, 19 August 2011

Kate Takes 5: guilty pleasures

This week, Kate has come up with the topic of guilty pleasures for her list. This one I can handle! If you want to know what this is all about click here. Otherwise, let's get started:

1. Eating Nutella with a spoon, straight from the jar

It's just not nice with bread, is it?

2. Singing loudly to James Bond theme tunes

I think this is something from my childhood, when seeing James Bond films were very exciting times. I remember queueing up to see one of them at Norwich's most frayed cinema (the one at Anglia Square, for those who shared the horrors). But it was all OK because James Bond awaited and there would be a great big theme tune to sing along to that we all knew from when we taped the charts on Sunday nights.
One of the best for bellowing in the car is 'Nobody does it better'. 
ps - I know Daniel Craig wasn't Bond when I was little, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post a picture :-)

3. Pausing by the magazine shelves and reading all the celeb headlines

I'm sure I'm not alone in doing this as sometimes I have to elbow my way through to get a good view of the cover of 'Hello'! Tom and Katy? Gah!

4. Knowing lines from Star Trek

I must have watched every episode of The Next Generation while I was a student, at least once. In my defence, it was a house tradition that no revision/essay writing/research could happen while Jean Luc was on TV so we all used to congregate for an hour every day.
So I know what Data's laugh sounds like and that Worf 'is not a merry man'. Tragic...

5. Putting things on the wrong shelves in supermarkets

This is a game my sister and I invented when we used to shop together years ago. We noticed that at the end of the supermarket, people change their minds about random items in their trolley and just abandon them wherever they are. Hence you will find socks in with frozen peas, cheese in the Ribena and a DVD stacked with the rice pudding. The phenomena was first observed with a milk drink called Shakey Jake, although sadly I can't remember where it had been left. It did, however, lend its name to the act of finding a lost item. They have all been Shakey Jaked. On the odd occasion I have to leave something behind, I have a proper chuckle to myself.


  1. With you on the Nutella one and would add Peanut Butter is in the same category!

  2. I love no. 5! A while ago I was very tempted to start a photo blog about those randomly-abandoned supermarket items. I always wonder at the thought process behind them: "Hey, ketchup is on offer, I won't need this toothbrush after all!"

    I don't really go to the supermarket often enough (and frankly it just doesn't happen in Waitrose :) but should I ever start that blog after all, I'd now want to call it Shakey Jake...