Thursday, 11 August 2011

All good shows need an interval

And it feels a bit like June and July have been an interval from the way through the 52s.

There has been a lot going on - good, bad and ugly - but I think the biggest reason has been a failure in inspiration. When I came up with the idea I had a bit of a list in mind, so these were the ones I got busy with straight away. When inspiration ran out and I started having to cast about for new ideas, the momentum seemed to go out of the thing a bit.

And in part I have been a victim of my own success. Quite a few of the 52s have had a knock on effect, for instance I now sing in the choir every week and the says alice sewing world goes through phases of being really busy. When you pile that on top of everything else, time sometimes gets a bit short.

But the plan remains and rest assured, I am on the case. August had better watch out...

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