Friday, 29 July 2011

July scavenging - early homework

This month I am early - unheard of! I am away next week for a few days so thought I would get myself organised for a change.
I have also used a new format as I liked the way this worked on other blogs. Here we go:

Fields: complete with water sprinklers, taken from the car window.
Red, white and blue: a not-very-challenging game of twister!
Ice cream: not the most exciting one ever...
Stripes: a lovely bundle of chocolate gifts. It was nearly the thing that made me happy too!

Strawberries: on the lid of a cake cover, which was a fantastic birthday gift last month
Shellfish: the best I could do, we are not seafood fans and I haven't been near a beach this month (nor London, if I am honest!)
Flip flops: in with the birkenstocks
Something that makes me happy: a sunflower that grew and flowered of its own accord (probably assisted by the birds). It now greets me when I open the curtains in the morning.

A flag: pirate flags on one of my latest strings of bunting
Celebration: lighting a candle and making a wish for the naming of the beautiful Eowyn
Stars: 5 of them, for Spielberg's latest. Haven't seen it, have you?
Kites: again, the best I could do - the backs of kite shapes signs on the river at Whittlingham. They said 'Danger Submerged Cable' on the other side


  1. A lovely set of photographs. I love your stripes .... that looks like serious chocolate heaven! I've got a sunflower that has just appeared too, although it's not as nice as yours! Thanks for joining in!

  2. well done you getting in early! I've been house moving and accidentally deleted the scavenger photos I had ready to post, doh!! I will get them all sorted before the end of tomorrow though!

    Love the stripes photos and good thinking with the oyster card - I struggled for that one too!

  3. interesting set of photos. I like your stripes!