Saturday, 27 August 2011

Number 26: emergency services

This is one you could never plan or put on any list, but this weekend I had a need to dial 999 for the first time in my life.

This isn't the place to detail the incident itself (although suffice to say all was well in the end with no long term impacts), but if anyone ever questions why they pay their taxes, I suggest they make a call on the emergency services. Honestly, I'd pay more.

It was exactly as you read in the books: fast transfer to the right department, a calm and reassuring person on the end of the phone to talk you through what to do and how to manage the situation, then the (very swift) arrival of the cavalry. The skills, knowledge and professionalism of these guys was hugely impressive and they managed a crisis situation back to a difficult but manageable situation with scary speed.

I said it many times at the time but one more won't go amiss: thanks HUGELY.

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