Thursday, 18 August 2011

Number 25: Lowestoft air show

No idea what this is but it was big
and photographable :-)
After some consideration, I think the thing with air shows is that although they are all about motors and flying and engineering and stuff, they still have the potential to be Ellen-friendly because they sound AMAZING.

I haven't been to the Lowestoft show before even though I have lived in Norwich for years. In truth, technically I still haven't been because we went to Kessingland beach just down the coast which was much quieter with no queues for parking. Highly recommended if anyone is looking for tips, although you will have to make your donation to the charity that supports the show some other way.

Red arrow smoke and empty beach
We wandered down the beach for half an hour or so, found a quiet spot and set up our picnic blanket. The show was opened by the Red Arrows, who put on a stunning show. I love their englishness, the finesse and will even forgive them for not doing the heart shape in smoke.

Then there was a bit of procession of planes and smaller displays, until the plane with Big Noises came on. One fighter jet pilot found his right foot right over our heads and my head nearly rolled off my shoulders. B-rilliant :-)

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