Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Number 15: break a world record

I have spent HOURS on google trying to sort this one. Honestly, I have never seen so many garbage hits for a search - try putting 'world record attempt' into the search box and see how many out of date hits you get. Katrillions.

Is a katrillion a number? If not it is a collective term for garbage on google.

And then, as if by magic, T got an email asking him to take part in a world record attempt on XBox (which I never play) to be part of the biggest number of players all playing a single game, in this case the 100m sprint on Kinect Sports.

With huge generosity, he said that I could play for him and be part of the attempt and SURELY I would get to be a tiny part of a world record. What a gent.

Come the hour, come the sprinter (for sprinter, read waddler). We logged on and I popped upstairs to change into an outfit that didn't make me look like a traffic cone on the kinect (long skirt, not a winner with movement recognition). When I came down, T was frantically going through the screens to register me as an online user in my own right, so we could both be part of the event. Great in principle, but with one minute to go and the registration screen still rolling on, the tension started rising.

No time to change my automatically selected user name from puffdaddy725, sleepingdragon272 or supernova843 or whatever it is, no time to make my character look more like a sprinter and no time to update my 1983 hair style.

The race starting time came as we raced through the final screen, arrived at the start line and tried to get the race started within the appointed minute. I was standing like a statue to stop the kinect getting confused with two of us moving and then managed to false start by using the principle of hitting GO (in this case running) as fast as possible before the race starts so you get off the line ASAP. Doesn't work with kinect, you just get branded a cheat.

Then go go go! I flailed like an idiot down the line. Then we waited for the fireworks... or the victory world record holders lap of honour... or the podium... Nothing. No email, no notification, no nothing at all.

So officially, I don't know if we did it, but I have the picture to prove it so I'm claiming it anyway. Crouchingtiger385 is a winner!

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