Sunday, 1 May 2011

Scavenging: the April list

Another good list - thanks to Postcards from the PP!
I'll admit that rather too many of these were last minute, but at least this month I can honestly say that all of the photos were taken in the month of April. A high standard I'm sure I'll fail to keep to in the coming months.

And now for the best bit, to see what everyone else has been taking pictures of. Hope everyone has enjoyed it!


  1. Love the April showers - very good!

  2. I like your set of photos! The set is bright, clear and colourful! I only managed real rain because we were out during the only shower! It has been a tricky one this month.

    There are one or two tricky ones on the new list I think, but I'm looking forward to snapping them and look forward to seeing your photos for May.

  3. thanks for popping over to my blog, i'm loving your long list!!! fab idea, i rode a horse on the beach in wales last year and from a non horsey person it was amazing!!!! couldn't recommend highly enough although i couldn't walk for days afterwards!!!
    as for the printing your own fabric there's a company in the usa that does small print runs from 1 metre i think i will try and dig out the details from the depths of my fuddled brain and pass them on to you!!!
    the may list for the photo scavenger hunt looks interesting doesn't it!!!
    have a lovely rest of the weekend
    tracy aka depth of field/mad about bags

  4. great hunting, your shower is perfect x

  5. Your April Showers picture is brilliant! I think I'm really going to struggle with May's list though. Either I'm way out of inspiration or it's a lot harder than in previous months.

  6. You have some great photos there! I love the shop name and the bunch of keys!