Friday, 6 May 2011

Number 16: a wheat free week

Should I put a picture of an Oatibix here? Maybe a corn flake? Maybe a wheat field...
If I am completely honest, this wasn't a huge challenge for me, as I only have one wheaty meal a day as a rule. I had cause to visit a nutritionist a couple of years ago who made the astute observation that three wheat based meals a day was probably a bit limited. It's amazing how easy it is to achieve too: Weetabix for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and pasta for tea and that's it, a mono-food group diet.

He pointed out that this was a bit artificial and if nothing else, variety would do me good. So I switched to Oatibix for brekkie and now only rarely have a sandwich for lunch. It's much less boring too, and one day I will learn how to make sushi and save myself a fortune in M&S veggie lunches.

We decided to try a full week mainly to see how wheat affects us and the result, if we are honest, is not much. There is definitely less bloatiness in the morning and I don't think you get that overfull at Christmas' feeling after meals. But we didn't really cook anything new and exciting or cook a miracle meal that we loved and made us feel zen and energised.

But we both said that we would try to have more variety and rely on wheat less. So that's probably a good thing.

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