Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Number 18: make a wedding cake

I am tempted to put this as number 18 to 39, as there were so many firsts involved here...

Not the least of them include
- bake a cake the size of a whole oven
- use a spirit level (a lot) while baking
- hire a cake tin
- marzipan (neatly)
- white icing (very neatly)
- go cross eyed putting 100s of spots on

The list could go on!

It was made for my sister-in-law's wedding last weekend, which was a magical event in lots of ways.

I love weddings, a lot. There is something wonderful about being part of en event where everyone is happy for the same reason and genuinely wishing the couple the best. The cake is just one small part of the day and while it was a big challenge for me to learn everything I needed to, it was a pleasure to be involved.

In fact, the only real stress was in getting the three levels all the way to Eastbourne with no damage... There are lots of roundabouts and potholes between here and there!

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