Monday, 16 May 2011

Number 17: cheerleading

Not expecting this one, eh?

It was always on the long list although even I would admit it is highly improbable that I would don the amount of lycra and legwarmers needed for bouncing about as a cheerleader. But that is without taking the 'hen do' into account.

There are many things I have done on a hen do that I would never do in any other walk of life. Wear toilet roll, record a record and have my nails painted salmon pink are among them.

So, cheerleading it was. Sadly (or not sadly at all) I don't have any photographic evidence of me dancing about as I made the fastest run for the camera while we were in the 'dance' studio. Pictures of me would only have shown up the many occasions when I went left rather than right or punched someone near me in the head.

However I do have the pom-pom heart, which has the bride in the middle. I am on the far left looking like I am about to lean too far and fall over into the mirror. I probably was.
It was the start to a great hen night :-)

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