Sunday, 29 May 2011

Number 19: spin a roulette wheel

Not the best picture, but we were trying not to be caught playing with someone else's casino!

This is the morning after a wedding (the one with the cake), as we had a first look at the disco lights that we needed to disassemble and pack up. While slightly worse for wear.

The fake money casino people had left all their kit behind and it already bore the signs of the hotel staff having a few rounds of betting the night before (unless one of the guests had a chewing gum habit and was gambling with wrappers).

I found the ball, spun the wheel, and discovered two things:
- firstly that you can spin the wheel too fast and bounce the ball out of it
- secondly that it is loud when you are trying to be quiet

As one of the very few gambling games I understand I have played roulette once or twice, indeed we had a similar set up at our own wedding. Tim has left small amounts of money in casinos around the world having been unable to resist having a go (most memorably going out with a 'top budget' to a casino in Austria only to return 5 minutes later with a slice of pizza which he bought with the one euro he had left).

So I couldn't resist having a go. It's fun!

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