Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Number 7: lino printing

First lesson learned today - pictures need better natural light than this!

So, yesterday I went on a course to learn how to do lino printing, in a pottery shop on the North Norfolk coast. It was a bit of a punt as I had never heard of courses being run there before, but I was safe in the knowledge that lunch would be lovely (Burnham Deepdale cafe, need I say more?).

So, I arrived, only to find that the course was being run by Amanda Colville who sells her beautiful work through Folksy under the name Mangle Prints. It really is stunning stuff that I had been looking at online, and having now spent a few hours carving lumps out of a piece of lino, I am even more impressed by the intricacy of the prints she produces.

The day itself was lovely and I would recommend the courses being run at the Hare and Hen pottery at Burnham Deepdale. Philippa was very welcoming even though we probably took over more of her shop than she had anticipated. She also makes fantastic things and it was nice to have a chat with her about how she stocks her shops with things she loves.

As you can see, my technique needs a bit of refinement and I will always be artistically challenged, but I think it might be possible to use lino for fabric printing. Maybe a steep learning curve, but it could help me make my things a bit more unique.

Either way, it was a very good 52.

In other news, this month's scavenger hunt is coming along slowly but surely (to be helped I'm sure by the arrival of a new little camera) and the singing is still fun. I missed last week and am looking forward to brushing up on my calypsos tomorrow. 52s are definitely fun :-)

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