Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Number 6: setting up shop

Ok, I know this has taken a while, but I think it is worth it...
I have a shop!

A real proper shop, with stuff that I have made for sale and everything - you see what I mean about exciting?

Having taken the plunge and sold a few strings of handmade Christmas bunting in December, I was surprised by how interested people were. So, as it is something I enjoy doing and I have some time I could give to it, I thought why not try to set up something more official?

So I got myself organised and made a few strings of bunting (the royal wedding has given me a great theme!) and today, I made myself a little online shop using the lovely community at Folksy.

I have linked it to my other blog at www.saysalice.co.uk
I set this one up a while back to track my crafty makings and doings. It has been a bit quiet there too for a couple of weeks while the bunting all got organised. Posts get a bit dull when all there is to talk about is bunting...

No sales as yet - now that really will be a first!

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