Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Number 22: have a stand at a craft fair

This is another instance when I'm blogging an event twice, because this 52 is not just significant as a first for me, but also as a first for my little craft world, says alice.

I have had an online craft world for a while, and also sell through the Grapevine, an art gallery and  craft shop in Norwich. But I haven't got myself out there doing the selling by setting up a craft stall.

I was lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to do one for free, so I thought it would be a good time to get myself organised and have a go. I have a fair bit of stock of bunitng so that was fine, but I have only made pictures and bags to order so far, so I rustled up a few of those to have on display.

Then I set about getting a cash box, paper bags, blutac, highlighter pens, receipt books, a table cloth, picture frames, a blackboard and everything else you could possibly ever need for a day in a marquee selling bunting. Everything. I think the event cost me more than it made, but, as people keep pointing out, I now have everything I could possibly ever need to do it again. So that's good.

And I think I probably will, do it again that is. It was a really lovely event to be part of an great to chat with other exhibitors who do a few events like it. And I learned a lot too about the kind of people who do / don't buy. Or pick things up and show them to everyone then plonk them down again. Or leave empty crisp packets and drinks cartons on your stall. Yes, really!

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