Monday, 30 April 2012

April scavenger hunt

Yet again only some of this list lodged in my head and this morning I was left scratching my head wondering how I'd let two rock band nights go by without a single photo. What part of 'rock' didn't scream out at me as a good one for this month?

So, with apologies for rock in advance, here are my shots:

Our village steam is tiny, but the recent rain has washed down a WHOPPER of a log.
Not sure how clear it is in the pic, but the water is still high and it is stuck on a ledge, so the water must have been huge to get it that far.
Can't live without... I've been scanning more old photos and this is another that was tucked in the loft.
The chap in the middle is my Grandad-in-law in his WW1 regiment, who died in the 30s.
Also qualifies for amazing.
Left? Right? Straight down the middle?
Backwards? Whichever way, they seem to think they are winners!
Coming OUT of the New INN, Winshelsea.
I've mainly included this to show I didn't switch my brain off for the entire month!
I saw this vase on ebay and I treated myself - Royal Copenhagen from the 70s.
Through the power of the collage I have tried to capture the excitement of opening
the package but I'm not sure I'd be convinced if I were you!
You might think this is mainly green, but look, there's a bird on the feeder that isn't brown!
It's our first ever Goldfinch, and very pretty it is too.
On the move
My niece enjoying her second riding lesson.
The horse wasn't what you'd call a racer, but I think everyone enjoyed the trots.
Not often you can say that.
This is probably quite unclear, but by the corner of the pond we have some gravel.
In amongst that gravel are some rocks that I practiced writing on for a wedding last year.
The one on top at the moment reads 'Tim, Melon, Cheese'. What possessed me to write this I don't know.
My fingers after peeling this. All that effort and it was soooooo sour.
The white bits on the soil is hail. Spring - come back!
Poor Fireman Sam. 
I hope the graffiti clearing team did!
Thanks again to Kathy, I hope you have a brighter times very soon.


  1. I like your thinking for inn/out! Great photos and well done for getting them all!

  2. Brillant photos I love your smile and direction, your new vase looks lovely too!
    Sarah x

  3. Nice shots - love the old family photo!

  4. I love the explanation of your photos as much as the actual pictures. The horse one cracked me up!

  5. I think that on the move was your best. I also was delighted with the in/out.

  6. I enjoyed your play on words and humour intermingled with your photos. Hope to see more of your vase in upcoming photos - it's lovely, as is your niece looking so happy as she's on the move (laughed at enjoying the trots).

  7. The smile one was a great find. Was Tim Melon-Cheese a wedding guest?!
    Lisa x

  8. Lovely photos. Love the smile and clever idea for in/out:)

  9. The in/out one is so clever!

    Dare I ask what happened to Fireman Sam? I didn't know he was a contortionist!

  10. Very good! You found some great pics here, well done for getting them all! :-)

  11. I love that smile photo, that is really unusual. And I agree the In and Out one shows great creativity!

  12. Oh so funny!!! Poor Fireman Sam! In/out is very clever!!!
    Sorry about your satsuma, it's always very sad when fruit is sour!
    Wow, re the goldfinch. All I get is blackbirds, robins and the interminably gloomy woodpigeons!

  13. Great photo of on the move.

  14. The smile and inn/out are very clever. Suzy x

  15. I like your in/out photo and on the move.

  16. Direction is very clever! Love smile too :)

  17. I like your Inn/out shot! I have the list with me most of the time ...and try to remember to think about it sometimes! "do you see what I see" is stuck in my head for May....have no idea what that might conjure up.....

  18. Great photos but my favourite is the 2nd one :-)