Sunday, 17 June 2012


The past couple of weeks have been activity-full but blog-less, which I think is in part due to a crash back to earth post holiday and jubilee.

I should also confess to having had a 'significant' birthday in the midst of it all, which meant the jubilee weekend kind of loomed, flew by and then got cleared away pretty rapidly. Despite not really looking forward to it, it all turned out alright in the end
and the cake was fab.

So, here are one or two highlights...

We went to that there London to see this family and saw mainly the backs of other people's heads, until the rain came and they all disappeared. Flotilla ahoy!

We didn't see the queen but we did see about 999 other boats.

Then I had birthday-ness to see to, which we began with a Mini adventure
That's me off adventuring, with jubilee bunting being borrowed for birthdays.

This was followed up by a special birthday screening of another 1970s classic.
I was a bit worried whether everyone would enjoy it but what's not to like about Herbie, especially with bacon rolls chucked in.

This week was a slice of back to normal which really isn't very photogenic.
Let normal service resume!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Ellen.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! Well done on braving the rain for the flotilla! I went to a tea party instead!