Sunday, 15 January 2012

Strange meals, half lemons and no more Bones

This week has been a bit of a shocker, with friends going through far, far more than they ought to be and that HUGE sense of frustration from being able to do absolutely nothing to help. There is no point looking for a silver lining sometimes, there just isn't any redeeming feature.

I am also home alone as Tim has been away for a couple of weeks with work, which leaves both of us a bit out of sorts. I lived alone for a long time so I don't struggle exactly, but I do get a bit 'drifty' and unfocussed.

The combination of circumstances seems to have made me far more judgemental than normal and I'm breezing through a whole load of things I would normally just keep putting off. For instance...

1. Skybox clearout
Finishing the second series of The Killing, catching up with Downton, binning Bones as I just don't like it any more, speeding through anything with Christmas special in the description and deleting the entire series of Kirsty's Homemade Home. I really wanted to love it, I just didn't.

2. Fridge clearout
Part used tahini, jars that I can't remember opening, two dried up half lemons, the least appetising of three jars of wholegrain mustard, half a bottle of 'novelty' chocolate red wine, the green tomato marmalade I made as an ill-advised experiment and some red pesto that I found tasteless when it was fresh which was some time ago...

3. Ready steady cook meals
With the random ingredients that survive the fridge clear out I am making odd meals, by lining up ingredients and putting them hopefully together on a plate. Lunch today was defrosted soda bread with egg mayonnaise (no mayo so, peculiarly, Dairylea and mustard instead), the last two slices of beetroot and a spoonful of piccalilli. Who knows what breakfast tomorrow will be.

If my stomach survives I'll report back on how I get with finishing a quilt that has been half done for a year and getting started on patterns for some new bags. Hope you are all enjoying New Year spring cleaning too.

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