Friday, 27 January 2012

Oh Blogger

Since having a bit of a redesign of the site, I thought I would get myself a bit more organised by having a proper email account set up for the ellens52 blog.

Until now I have just used my personal one and things get lost and mixed up too easily, so I thought it would be neat and tidy to set up a new account. Easy peasy. You'd think.

One minute on google told me that Blogger doesn't allow this kind of logical behaviour. Nooo sir, not a single' update your email' button to be found on the dashboard. Instead, there are lots of frustrated people blogging about how they would like to update their blogger email account but have been scared off by the blogger 'help' desk. Blogger blogged up is the term for this.

Just one tip seemed to make sense: add the new account as a joint administrator, then just delete the old one. I clicked delete, and waited for the ticking of the disaster waiting to happen. But unless you tell me differently, everything still seems to be working. The only really niggly frustration is that all of the blogs I follow and check up on through google reader have been wiped and I'm having to start again.

So apologies to anyone who is seeing ellens52 pop up again as a new follower and to those I haven't re-followed yet, I'll get there soon.

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