Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Or I guess I should say oh DISQUS.

A while back I installed Disqus as a comment manager, so I could reply to comments and manage them more easily, a function that the Blogger comment manager couldn't quite cope with.

Within days of course Blogger launched their own comment management system, making the swap unnecessary. Grrrrr.

I have now swapped back as a couple of people have said that Disqus isn't very reliable anyway, and of course I have lost all of the comments that Disqus has got stored. I chuffing hate software. Anyone want to do this by pony express???

On the up side, this is my view as I type. Not too shabby :-)

Yes those are BBQ tools in the front
seemed like a good idea before it fell to -13!


  1. It's even more frustrating - most Disqus comments don't record the site details that the commenter maintains. So now i can't come and visit and say hi. Why oh why...

  2. Hi, what a view, I dream of a view like that now school is back after 8 weeks holiday.