Friday, 21 September 2012

Cheeky robin!

I have begun feeding the birds in our garden with a bit more regularity now that autumn is starting, and the little ones have all left the nests. The bird feeders are always topped up but I don't put much on the bird table as it just gets munched by squirrels and pigeons.

But you do have to give credit to a bird that is prepared to find his own way to the biggest stash of bird food he can find...

Look carefully at this food display in our local garden centre - there he is, a pretty clever robin.

I asked at the tills and he comes in every autumn and disappears over the summer. He looks pretty scruffy, but he has a lovely bowl of food left out for him, and suns himself in the open doorway when the weather is nice enough.

And give unwary customers a jump.
Not a bad life, eh?


  1. That is hilarious! I love cheeky-robins! We have a friendly one that loves my Mum and always bobs around her feet when she comes over to do gardening!

  2. oh wow what a great little bird, he's so clever to find that stash!