Monday, 24 September 2012

Chocolate chunks

I made a chocolate birthday cake this weekend, for my nephew. He plays a lot of minecraft so I wanted to make a cube-y cake and stumbled on an idea a bit like this while searching for 'easy cake decorating for numpties' ideas.

I had made some eyes for a cake I'm going to be making later in November so thought
I'd hide a few zombie cubes in the pile. Can you spot them?


  1. I live in Cape Town. Where can I buy these chocolate fingers/sticks you have around this cake?

    1. Hi there! They are Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers, you can get them very commonly here, just in the biscuit section of the supermarkets. There are milk and dark chocolate varieties and they sell LOADS at Christmas.
      They are about £1 a box and my cake used just over two boxes in total.

      Hope you manage to find some!