Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Scavenging in February

Hi everyone and hope you are all well.

This post is the first in a while, as we have had a bit of a nightmare of a month. We have ended up with a real shock to our systems which has left us not quite sure which way to turn. We'll pull through but we just can't quite see which way to set off.

And yet, I have still more or less had a decent go at the scavenger hunt. It has been a good distraction / sense of purpose / productive activity / way to waste time this month so I have even more reasons to thank Kathy. Here are my (slightly snowy themed) lot...

A french market with all of the right levels of cheesiness.

A vinyl records shop on St Benedicts in Norwich. I was originally trying to be arty with a black and white shot of the zebra crossing and then spotted the shop in the background.

The big welcome on the door of our ski chalet.
Lots of hearts and a big roaring fire inside!

I really struggled to get a photo of cupid anywhere and by the time we got back to England Valentines was well and truly over.
So this is what Cupid delivered to Tim this year - we called it the heart tart :-)

In the sky
This is the view from our chalet down into the valley, with cloud at eye level. From home and even more from the ski lifts, if always feels like you are higher than the sky.

Black and white
I ditched the zebra crossing when I spotted this.
Classic Norfolk flint work on one of Norwich's many churches.

 (minus) 5
This is how many clothes are needed when it is proper chilly.

Leap year
The lamest of the lot. This is what a free day of TV looks like:

This is the little road train that runs skiers from one side of the village to the other.
We've never needed to use it but lots of people do.

This is how the slopes look before half term...

...and then when the schools break up.

We stay in a little hamlet attached to the main ski resort, which is really trying to build a little community to keep it's lift connections open and well used. They have started running a weekly vin chaud night which the locals seem to love and turn out to in force. We went twice and loved it both times.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Or I guess I should say oh DISQUS.

A while back I installed Disqus as a comment manager, so I could reply to comments and manage them more easily, a function that the Blogger comment manager couldn't quite cope with.

Within days of course Blogger launched their own comment management system, making the swap unnecessary. Grrrrr.

I have now swapped back as a couple of people have said that Disqus isn't very reliable anyway, and of course I have lost all of the comments that Disqus has got stored. I chuffing hate software. Anyone want to do this by pony express???

On the up side, this is my view as I type. Not too shabby :-)

Yes those are BBQ tools in the front
seemed like a good idea before it fell to -13!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Photo scavenger hunt: January 2012

For some reason I just couldn't hold this list in my head for more than 5 minutes. I had it in my phone as usual, but every time I looked at it I seemed to see something that I hadn't seen before. Maybe because I was so pleased to have done the full alphabet last month, my brain has gone on holiday.

Here's my lot:

Level two of St Andrews car park in Norwich.
I'm a bit scared of La Belle Angele...
The garden steps through a smiley face.
In season
A heart of crocuses that is planted at the end of a neighbour's drive.
It comes up every year for Valentines, but it's a bit early this year!
This is one end of a new estate development we walk past regularly.
It has looked like this for years.
This is just next to the river in Norwich, which used to be a hive of activity
and is now flats and posh warehouse conversions.
Doesn't get much clearer that that!
He sat like this for hours.
No idea what he found so interesting..
In the distance
A frosty fence stretching out into the distance.
A sneaky way into the school playground.
The Tangzhong bread for my Fresh from the Oven Challenge.
It stayed soft for days.
In my bathroom
Handcream - lots of it.
I haven't had any for ages so I splashed out on some for practically every room!
These guys followed us around Whittlingham lake,
with their entourage of ducks.
Nothing very spectacular here I'm afraid. I'll try harder for next month!