Sunday, 18 March 2012

Clapping hands and shuffling feet

Last night I went to see these guys:

They weren't wearing white suits and there were more of them, but I couldn't find any creative commons pictures and I failed to take any while I was there. Ooooops.

The trip was arranged through a lovely lady at the choir that I sing in every week and I confess I was a tiny bit worried that having no real faith to speak of might be a tiny bit of a problem... We do sing lots of spiritual type songs at the choir, but we also sing Simon and Garfunkel, Lloyd Webber, silly rhymes and cheesy pop so it has never really been a problem for the singing that I actually join in with.

These guys, however, are a full worshiping choir. I was slightly worried that my lost soul might start flashing warning beacons as I took my seat.

Thankfully not so. I can confirm that, whether you believe in what the songs are about or not, these guys can SING. Loudly and quietly and in tune and powerfully and with feeling. And crikey can they fill a space with sound. They all seem to be able to carry a solo as well as harmonise wonderfully so there is real variety in the kinds of songs they pull off as a group.

The only problem is the same thing I find with all theatre concerts - it is slightly bizarre to be chair dancing to really infectious music. These guys did get us up on our feet but there is only so much you can do while lined up neatly and with 6 inches square to shuffle about in. There was a bit of atmospheric whooping though, which made up for it.

It only really occurred to me as I left that this was a reduced group and the whole thing must be a remarkable experience indeed. I feel the need to practice my diction more!

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  1. It sounds like a good night out. I know what you mean about the sound produced by a good choir ... it sort of wraps itself around you and draws you in!